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Awards and Recognition

Student of the Month August 2023
Ms. Madi Rose Powers - Paisley Reed
Ms. Denise Powers - Brinkley Freude
Ms. Carla Burns - Samuel Ray
Ms. Tiara Shaw - Evan Williams
Transitional Kindergarten
Ms. Erin Moore - Kenzley Wilson
Functional Skills
Ms. Teri Smith - Anna McCombs
Ms. Karla Tranum - Terry Hicks
Ms. Katie Moore - Gemma Inman
Ms. Emily Redmon - Nora Coln
Ms. Cristi Dickey - Colby Gee
First Grade
Ms. Christy Perkins - Kingsley Mountjoy
Ms. Madine Nichols - Casen Pegg
Ms. Brandi Adams - Andrea Delgado
Ms. Beth Fowler - Ella Norris
Ms. Heather Ashe - Za'Kyah Smith
Second Grade
Ms. Sheila Gardner - London Whitten
Ms. Bridget Harris - Rosalee Hawkins
Ms. Paula Scott - JD Duncan
Ms. Dana Jones - Kamryanna Borner
Third Grade
Ms. Marcy Clifton - Nealee Moore
Ms. Holly Coburn - Charlotte Landry
Ms. Tyla Soto - Bella Arevalos
Ms. Carrie Chappelle - Victoria Hernandez
Fourth Grade
Ms. Robin Bedwell - Blake Shields
Ms. Angela Carpenter - Eleanor Cooper
Ms. Gina Foust - Laken Whitten
Ms. Jacie Pace - Herlin Valenzuela-Perez
Fifth Grade
Ms. Katie Austin - Gabriel McDaniel
Ms. Carole Kennedy - Charleigh Creasy 
Ms. Elizabeth Redmon - Dwight Caudill
Ms. Marlee Williams - Greyson Moore