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Selmer Elementary School consists of a wonderful, dedicated staff. As a faculty, we love our students and are devoted to each one achieving and maintaining healthy, productive relationships which create opportunities for everyone to be successful. Selmer Elementary continues to strive to include parents, families, and legal guardians in understanding the direction of the our school.

Family Friendly

​Project ENRICH Afterschool Program offers extended-day services (tutoring, homework help, enrichment). Selmer Elementary hosts Family Fun Nights and other events that bridge the gap between school and home, maintaining our schools' ‘family friendly’ status.


​SES offers preK4 and preK5 classes. A school-home coordinator helps students make the transition from home to school.


​The LRE elementary grades of McNairy County Special Education program are housed at Selmer Elementary. Through inclusion, children with disabilities have access to the general academic curriculum as well as a variety of other educational programs and services. Nonacademic services and extracurricular activities, such as counseling, transportation, and health services are provided in a manner that affords children with disabilities an equal opportunity for participation.