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Recorder Karate Practice

Practice your recorder belts at home!

Play along with the videos to practice your recorder songs at home and pass off your belts! This music teacher does a great job of explaining and demonstrating our songs, so practice with her!

 Level 1 - White Belt

Level 2 - Yellow Belt

Level 3 - Orange Belt


Level 5 - Purple Belt


Level 7 - Red Belt

Level 4 - Green Belt

In this video, the extra note at the beginning is called an "anacrusis." That is the fancy music word for how the beat at the beginning starts on beat 4 instead of beat 1. In class, we will call it a "pick up note," because we pick it up as we go to start the song! The Green Belt song is difficult, so don't feel bad if it takes more than one try to pass. Just keep practicing and ask Mrs. Kerry for help if you need it!

Level 6 - Blue Belt


Level 8 - Brown Belt