Family Survey

s part of ongoing evaluation work, UT SWORPS is conducting the Family Survey for 21st CCLC and LEAP  funded Extended Learning Programs. Completing the Family Survey allows us to aggregate results at the state level and  inform progress towards our performance measures. You will also receive a report with responses from  parents and guardians your program serves. 

The Family survey is NOT limited to families of students who have attended a minimum number of  hours. Parents and guardians of ALL students who attended the program even for only one hour  should be invited to participate. 

The Family Survey can be accessed on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. It consists of nineteen (19)  questions and will only take a few minutes to complete. Parents and guardians may choose to complete  the survey in English, Spanish, Arabic, or Kurdish. The survey link will remain open until May 31st.  


Parents and guardians will need to type in a program code when they open the survey. The code for our program is:



Selmer Elementary School 


Choose the best method for distributing the information that you feel will yield the highest completion  rate. Please consider utilizing a combination of strategies as you reach out to families. Based on  feedback from programs with high response rates, strategies that worked well include: 

  • Providing a computer that parents and guardians could use to complete the survey when they drop off or pick up their child. If possible, multiple computers or tablets could be made available to accommodate busy drop off or pick-up times.
  • Including the link or QRC and code in texts, emails, newsletters, or other written communication you provide the parents/guardians.
  • Printing a flyer with the link and code to be sent home with the students.
  • Displaying the link and code during a presentation at a Family Night or Open House.

Please adopt AS MANY of these strategies that you feel will best work for your parents and guardians. We’re also attaching a document with this same information. 

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].